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  • Timothy W. Dunn
    Graphics Department Supervisor

    4134 Boca Woods Dr, Orlando, FL 32826 | 407-951-9859 | timdunn@gmail.com


    I am seeking a position on a focused, innovative team of software engineers and 3D artists, creating next-gen training solutions using advanced real-time 3d applications and high quality visual content.


    Graphics Experience


    Software Experience

    Autodesk 3dsMax 2015, Presagis Creator 4.2, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, AfterEffects), Unreal Engine 4, Unity 3D, VBS2, Mudbox, TerraVista, Global Mapper, ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine


    Employment Experience

    Graphics Department Supervisor

    6/2013 - Now

    Corsair Engineering

    Responsible for all graphics production, work assignments , production tracking, QMS maintenance, and communication with other departments. Corsair currently creates a variety of products including CBT courseware, 3D visual databases, and high-detail 3D aircraft engine models. I also work in support of proposal writing and am responsible for creation of marketing graphics, designs, and advertisements.


    Senior Database Modeler

    11/2012 - 6/2013

    Productivity Apex Inc.

    Worked as a subcontractor for SAIC on the SE Core project, built VBS2 databases using correlated vector data for multiple AOIs using VBS2 versions 1.5 and 2.0. Innovated several improvements to the VBS2 database construction process, including external generation of surface mask images, and reduced development time of each database by a significant factor.

    Lead Graphic Artist

    3/2012 11/2012

    Corsair Engineering

    Created 2D/3D graphics and assisted in meeting critical project deadlines for ASOT project, Modeled high-poly 3D Content for various projects. Developed process improvements for increasing department efficiency.


    Senior Visual Database Engineer

    2008 2012

    SDS International

    While at SDS I managed a team of graphic engineers and my duties included providing mentoring and training as well as ensuring that the graphics department was able to meet all contractual deadlines and requirements. As a manager, I examined work process and created standards that improved productivity of the graphics group. In addition to my management tasks, I was a productive member of the team creating created multiple graphic databases covering Afghanistan, Fort Dix, Fort Devens, and Natick Soldier Systems Center, MA (US Army Natick Soldier Systems Center); Baghdad, Iraq (Meggitt Training Systems, I-FACT); Grand Forks AFB, Grand Forks International Airport, and North Dakota (University of North Dakota); Eglin AFB A-77 Bombing Range and MOUT Facility (SDS International Ravenview); NAS China Lake and surrounding airfields for IR sensor use (General Atomics); Demo and R&D databases (SDS International).


    Visual Modeler

    2001 2008

    SDS International

    Created high quality, fully articulated 3D models for F-22 OT&E program, Lockheed Martin Air Combat Simulation, Marietta GA. Modeled high-fidelity helicopter, ground vehicle and maritime models(including IR heat spectrum texture sets and damage models) for the USMC's DVTE program. Assisted with promotional materials and scripted demos for distribution and use at IITSEC 2001-2008. Worked on particle effects, and designed particle editor for SDS Aacuity PC-IG software. Developed animated human character models and export techniques for dismounted infantry capabilities. Developed flash animations for SPATS, spatial disorientation training system for the Navy.


    Graphic Artist

    1999 - 2001

    Starmedia (FPMI)

    Created 2D graphics and page layouts for a Cessna 208b aircraft maintenance manual developed for FEDEX. Created pre-rendered 3D artwork of a large variety of parts and objects for navy maintenance training programs. Created terrain scenes, and modeled numerous tools and parts for USMC MTVR maintenance software. Worked with Animator Studio, and eventually Macromedia Flash to create animations to illustrate functional schematics.